Brain Dump: Communication in Your Field

  • Due Jan 25, 2019 at 11:59pm
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  • Available Jan 22, 2019 at 12am - Jan 28, 2019 at 11:59pm
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  • Establish details on what you already know about technical writing.
  • Create a basic list that you can build in later in the term as we learn more about technical writing.

The Task

For this Writing & Revision Activity, write down everything you know about writing and communication in your career field. Your audience for this piece is me (Traci) and yourself (you will return to this list next week). 

Getting Started: Begin by brainstorming or freewriting everything you can think of that relates to the writing and communication people do in your career field.

To gather your ideas, think about these questions:

  • What have you seen/heard about writing in your field in the courses you have taken?
  • What examples of writing in your field have you seen/heard about in pop culture (for instance, on television, in movies, in podcasts)?
  • What have you seen/heard about writing in your field by observing others in your career field (such as a family member or friend)?
  • What examples of writing have you experienced first-hand by working, being an intern, or volunteering in your career field?

Don’t feel compelled to answer all the questions unless you want to. They are just intended to help you gather your thoughts.

Revising and Editing: Once you get your ideas down, review and revise your draft to make it clear and easy to follow. For instance, you might organize the information based on the different kinds of writing, on how you learned about the kinds of writing, or on when you would do the different kinds of writing. 

Be sure to reread your answer to make sure it is clear and uses business-appropriate spelling, grammar, and punctuation. In other words, your response should look more like an email to someone you work with than like a text message or note to your roommate.


  1. Identify your major and/or career goal (i.e., what job will you have when you graduate?).
  2. Compose a response that has at least 300 words. Longer responses are fine as well.
  3. Organize and polish your draft before submitting it (for instance, check for spelling errors and typos).

Grading Process

You will grade your own work by answering the last question on this quiz, which asks you to confirm that you have completed the activity and that you abided by the Honor Code. When you submit your quiz, the points will be recorded in Canvas Grades immediately. 

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