Course Syllabus

Spring 2019 • CRNs #14279, 14289, 14290, & 14291 • Instructor: Traci Gardner 

English 3764: Technical Writing will enable you to gain an understanding of the theories, issues, and practices of technical communications you might encounter in the workplace, such as general correspondence, proposals, reports, and presentations.

From a foundation based on the principles of rhetoric, you will learn to analyze writing situations, consider the needs of your audience, assemble researched and original evidence, and design final documents that are user friendly and visually persuasive. By the time this course is over, you should be able to understand these documents and produce them with ease and confidence. Junior standing is required.

This syllabus and other course materials may change to adapt to your needs and those of others taking the course. You can always find the current assignments and information for the course on in Canvas.

Course Summary:

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