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Time displayBecause this is an online course, you need to pay particular attention to your time management strategies.

Most weeks, you should plan on working 6 to 8 hours on the course. This work will include reading, writing major projects, and completing other course activities.

The following tips will help you do well in the course:

  1. Check in on Canvas daily: If anything changes (like a due date or an assignment), you’ll find it in Announcements first. Additionally, Daily Discussion Posts will be published every day, Tuesday through Saturday. Check in at least once daily so that you always know what is going on.

  2. Set a schedule: It’s easy to think you’ll fit an online course in whenever you have time. The problem is your other classes, your job, and your social and professional obligations typically all have set times. It’s easy to run out of time and realize that you never did get to your online course. Be proactive and schedule class time several times a week. Treat your online course just like a face-to-face course by adding some hour-long blocks to your schedule that you will dedicate to doing work for the course.

  3. Spread the work out: You will be more successful in the course if you spread your work through the entire week. Trying to do all the work on one day in a giant block of time gives you little time for reflecting and revising your projects. Further, it tires you out on the content. Several shorter work sessions are the best strategy.

  4. Don’t try to do all the work at the last minute: Generally, it’s a good idea to begin your work early, but it can be even more important in an online class. If you wait until the last minute, you may not have time to complete your work or improve your draft before the submission is due.

Keeping these tips in mind, use the quiz below to schedule times when you will work on this course.

Grading Process

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