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  • Spiron(Identity_Finder)

    VT IT Security site for Spirion (Identity Finder) downloads.

  • Intro to Aerospace Engineering

    This course is an overview of aerospace engineering from a design perspective. We will cover topics such as: aircraft types and geometry; stages of aircraft design; introductory hydrostatics and stability; aerodynamics; resistance (including lift and drag) and propulsion; standard atmosphere; aircraft loading and structural analysis; spacecraft trajectories and orbits. This course provides the foundation for future courses in aerospace engineering. Prerequisite courses: ENGE 1114, Physics 2305.

  • CS 5044: Object-oriented Programming with Java, Fall 2015

    This course covers the basic concepts of object-oriented programming and their relationships to the principles of software engineering. Emphasis is placed on the programming structures of interfaces, classes, objects, inheritance, and polymorphism and how these structures aid in the development of extensible software systems. Practical experience is gained in the design, construction, and debugging of systems in a strongly-typed object oriented language such as Java. This course provides the programming skills needed for developing software in other courses, and provides the context for more advanced modules that deal with software engineering and project management.

  • Preparing Future Professoriate - F15

    The purpose of the course is to provide graduate students with an understanding and contextual knowledge of the professoriate and issues facing higher education. These topics include faculty roles and responsibilities, changing demographics and nature of students/learners, the impact of technology upon higher education, diversity and inclusiveness, paradigm shifts in the academy, ethical issues and professional standards, global perspectives on higher education, and external forces influencing the college/university. - See more at: This course is taught by Dr. Karen DePauw, Vice President and Dean of Graduate Education (learn more about Dean DePauw here: )

  • Watershed Systems Stewardship - Fall 2015

    This course was developed in cooperation with Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment, and Virginia Tech’s Graduate School (Science Education, Natural Resources, and Environmental Engineering programs) through a 2008 Summer grant promoting interdisciplinary graduate education. Accordingly, participants’ projects and course products are highly variable and reflect a wide variety of professional, academic and personal interests. Participants thereby enjoy a great deal of ownership in the addressing the scope of the assignments. Assignments are designed to provide students with products that can be immediately implemented in their work or advocacy, and these products will be shared with all course participants for their use.