Course Syllabus

See Course Description (created with Pages tool) for full course information.  

Below is a list of all of the Assignments for this course.  It updates automatically as you add assignments into the course site.

In Canvas, an Assignment is designated as any item of student work done in any of the Canvas tools.  

Assignments are grouped together by the instructor, named, and weighted. The groupings and weights can be seen in the box on the right of the Syllabus screen.  This box also updates automatically as you add assignments, group names, and weights into the site.  

Assignments can come from the following places: 

  • Discussions - Similar to Scholar's Forums Tool
  • Quizzes - Similar to Scholar's Tests and Quizzes Tool
  • Assignments - Similar to Scholar's Assignments Tool
    • Like Scholar Assignments, submissions can be uploaded, written inline, or handed in manually.  
    • Unlike Scholar, Canvas allows students to create and upload videos or provide a URL, such as a blog URL or youtube URL, as the submission to be graded.  
  • Roll Call Attendance - Canvas-only tool that allows the instructor to track attendance in Canvas.  

Course Summary:

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